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Remote stations / Telematics

The remote stations made by Triskel Telecom are ideal for monitoring and controlling all kinds of equipment and sensors telematically thanks to the number and variety of input and output ports they possess.

They include:

  • Several RS232 and RS485 serial ports

  • Optocoupled digital inputs

  • Voltage-free digital outputs (relays)

They can be connected to, or incorporate, any communications systems, including:


  • GPRS

  • Tetra

  • Ethernet

The remote stations can work with a wide variety of protocols, such as:

  • TriskRem

  • SNMP

  • Web

  • IEC 104

  • BACnet

A CAN Bus device is also built-in.

Presented in the form of a 19” metal case, either 1U or 2Us in height, they are easily mounted in any standard equipment rack. The power supply can be either +48Vdc or 220 Vac.

The remote stations can be configured and managed easily with our complete remote management application, TriskRem.

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